The Horyou Village will highlight the values of social good at the Cannes Festival through the lenses of art, culture and diversity. This is a great opportunity to discover and support an international community of individuals making a difference. Special initiatives are scheduled to take part at the Horyou Village, including five Global Cause Days. Each day will be committed to sharing knowledge, raising awareness and providing information on the featured cause.

The Horyou Village will be a cultural hub for global social consciousness. Notable personalities, media members and non-profit organizations around the world will join efforts during the festival to spread awareness and positivity.
Horyou and its partners will use the Village’s multimedia facilities and Cannes’ diverse personalities for support. Media channels and outlets will have the opportunity to present the various causes, informing the community of daily speakers, influencers, non-profit organizations and their advancements.

Five Days, Five Themes

<span style="color: #4794CF;">Nature & Wildlife</span>

Nature & Wildlife

May 17th
Reinforcing the need for conservation of Earth and its natural resources.

<span style="color: #4794CF;">Education for All</span>

Education for All

May 18th
Highlighting the importance of education accessibility around the world.

<span style="color: #4794CF;">Women Empowerment</span>

Women Empowerment

May 19th
Celebrating the achievements of women while advocating gender equality.

<span style="color: #4794CF;">Innovation for Good</span>

Innovation for Good

May 20th
Creating awareness of problems and their solutions to spur and enable social innovation on all levels.

<span style="color: #4794CF;">All for Climate</span>

All for Climate

May 22nd
Vocalizing efforts to change the way we think about and utilize natural resources.