Horyou is bringing Social Good to the forefront of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. Horyou Village, a central event on Le Grand Hotel gardens,
will highlight the values of social good through the lens of art, culture, and diversity. This is a great opportunity to discover and support
an international community of individuals making a difference.






<span style="color: #EE8E29;">INTERACTIVE STAGE INTERVIEW</span>


At the heart of the Horyou Village is the Stage Interview Set. Our team will be welcoming and interviewing international personalities, moviemakers, actors, actresses and artists who will be telling the world about their work and art, as well as their promotion of social good.

<span style="color: #EE8E29;">MEDIA LOUNGE</span>


The fully equipped Media Lounge, including a Press Room, will connect corporate and leading bloggers, podcasting and video professionals, as well as journalists, photographers. Internet access will be available to our media guests. Adjacent to the Media Lounge will be a cocktail area where our distinguished guests can relax and network.

<span style="color: #EE8E29;">MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS</span>


The Horyou Village will host a wide range of local and international entertainers and artists – musicians, bands, dancers, stand-up artists – known for their talent as well as their commitment to social good. They will perform on a stage specially built for this memorable occasion.

<span style="color: #EE8E29;">SCREENING ROOMS</span>


A special area within the village will be devoted to the projection of Horyou-produced documentaries, as well as presentation of past, present and future Horyou events including Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum (SIGEF) editions.