We are looking for motivated, energetic, and pro-active volunteers to support the event’s activities on-site. Please note that given the nature of the event there will be minor training involved beforehand. As well the event’s need would require persons who are available for at least 2 days in a row. For additional questions, please contact volunteers@horyouvillage.com




Languages spoken*

Availabilities to volunteer*
Morning (09:00 – 12:00) Afternoon (12:00 – 18:00) Evening (18:00 – 22:00) Not available
Wednesday, May 13

Thursday, May 14

Friday, May 15

Saturday, May 16

Sunday, May 17

Monday, May 18

Tuesday, May 19

Wednesday, May 20

Thursday, May 21

Friday, May 22

Saturday, May 23

Sunday, May 24


Given the nature of the event, location and context of surrounding environment, we are seeking volunteers with some linguistic background and people skills.
  • Volunteers are preferably bilingual (French and English, and in addition Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese or Arabic).
  • Volunteers can demonstrate excellent presentation and people skills (street marketing, communication, journalism, theater, speaker experience …).
  • Volunteers can work in a stressful environment and are able to maintain a professional and courteous attitude at all time.
  • Volunteers are interested in social good and environmental challenges and would love to promote Horyou’s mission.
  • It is an added plus if volunteers are knowledgeable about Personalities that attend the Cannes Film Festival.

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